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AudioQuest JitterBug FMJ

AudioQuest JitterBug FMJ

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JitterBug FMJ
USB 2.0 Noise Filter
(Data & Power)

Many tens of thousands of music lovers are already enjoying better audio enabled by the original AudioQuest JitterBug USB Noise Filter—whether plugged into a car’s USB jack, or a laptop computer, or a USB “service-only” jack on an Ethernet Streamer, etc.

JitterBug FMJ, with its Full Metal Jacket raises the stakes.

• Enables more spacious and compelling sound
• Dual Discrete Noise- Dissipation Circuits reduce all forms of internal noise in both the sending and receiving electronics
• Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) with hinged
Carbon-Loaded Noise-Dissipation input cover protects against external noise
• Reduces jitter and packet errors
• Use one JitterBug in series with almost any USB DAC, including DragonFlys Black and Red; experiment with DragonFly Cobalt
• For an additional improvement, use a second JitterBug in parallel—always desirable with DragonFly Cobalt

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